Welcome to Accountable!

Are you dreaming to make a film but can't start?

Joinn Accountable and turn your dreams into an actual film!

A study shows that your chance of hitting your goal raises by 95% when you are accountable to a specific person. 

Join Accountable, a proven program that works, and in less than a month you will have written and directed a short film!

Procrastination can end now, grab a spot to make a film in 3 weeks!

You've read every blog posts and watched every video essays dissecting the cinematography of Roger Deakins, the dialogues of Quentin Tarantino, and the symmetry of Wes Anderson.

You spend hours watching Netflix, YouTube, and going to the movies.

You invest in your film education by taking classes about Tarkovski, the New Wave and the Great American Masters.

You have drawers of great ideas for films that would showcase all this cumulated knowledge and your personal style.

There is only one problem: you don't make films

This can change now. By mid-May you could have a short film and be a filmmaker.



the program tailored for people who want to MAKE a film NOW

Accountable is an online program with limited seats where you commit to making a short film in less than a month, and you make it.

The first day of the program, you receive a list of creative constraints you must respect along with all you need to know to make this program work for you. 

During the next 3 weeks, you make your short film. You're in contact with me directly through emails. I send you guidelines and content to support your journey, you update me on your progress.

The program is ANONYMOUS, which means: no facebook group, no slacker, nothing that will make you spend time procrastinating instead of making your film.

So how do you stay Accountable? You have access to other's progress, and they have access to yours. And I am here to support you.

At the end of the three weeks, you watch the films made by the other participants and you write them feedback. They watch your film and they send you feedback.

This is not for everybody.

Accountable is for people who want to make actual films. If you're sick and tired of living in the theory and want to know what you are capable of, Accountable is for you.

If it's time for you to bridge the gap between theory and practice, Accountable is for you.

With Accountable, you get:

- creative constraints

- a deadline

- support

- feedback from other participants

- anonymity

This is not an opportunity to dust out your screenplay and direct it to send your film to Sundance. This is an opportunity to let go of all the reasons why you haven't made a film yet, and make one. 

Accountable is a crash course in making. It will test your skills, your personality, and your creative voice. 

Once you're done with the program you will know more about who you are right now as a filmmaker than you will ever by staying behind the computer. 

Accountable will show you in the trenches what you need to work on to make sure you will be ready when you have the opportunity to direct your brilliant idea. 

Athletes train every day. Filmmakers need training too.


To be clear, this is NOT a filmmaking class. This is a film MAKING camp

You receive your creative constraints, you write, you shoot, you edit, you share, you give feedback, and you receive feedback. 

You need to use the knowledge you already have in your brain
, the people that are around you, and the equipment and locations you can get. If all you can get is an iPhone and no mic, write accordingly. 

If you have zero notions of shooting, editing, writing, be aware of that. I personally don’t think it’s an issue, in today’s world we are very savvy about filmmaking without even realizing it. That being said, if Internet and technologies overwhelm you, ACCOUNTABLE is not the right project for you. There won’t be a tech support.  

To participate in ACCOUNTABLE  you don’t need crazy equipment. 
You need to know what you have, be willing to play with those constraints, and commit to making a film in a month.


The program starts on September 3rd. That day, you will receive the creative constraints you must integrate into your film via email. 

And you will have until September 27 to make a film

So that's 23 days and 3 full weekends. Not bad.

During those 23 days, you will receive emails containing information about each step. I will personally check on you and you will update me on your progress. 

On September 27, you will send me your completed short film.

You will then receive and watch the work of the other participants and write feedback about their films

On September 3rd you will receive feedback on your film, and the feedback you wrote about other's shorts will be sent to them.

Within a month you will have finished a short film and you will have receive feedback about your work.


Jonathan (Canada)

All you have to do is jump- ACCOUNTABLE changed everything for me, from someone who had a dozen notes of "films I'll start writing tomorrow" to ACTUALLY picking up a camera and doing it. 3 weeks later I have both a short film under my belt and more motivation than I've ever had to make another. This program was exactly the push I needed; thank you so very very much.

Laura (United States)

If you're stuck on the edge of the filmmaking diving board and not sure how to jump in - this program will be outstanding for you. Not only do you get the motivation starting out, Nathalie acts as lifeguard and coach along the way to keep you going. I highly recommend this experience.

Julian (U.K.)

An excellent program, with just the right amount of pressure and encouragement. Mentorless is my go-to home-on-the-web for inspiration on film-making; kudos to Nathalie for initiating the Accountable program!

Valentina (Colombia)

Since it was my first short, it became also a very personal challenge to get something done and break through that idea that you need a lot to make a short that I feel sometimes holds new filmmakers back. Overall, it was a great experience that I feel has helped me grow and push myself as a creator. I definitely recommend it!!

Nicolle (Canada)

This was my second time doing Accountable and there will probably be a third. I went from being completely skeptical about it (paying someone to do my own stuff- is this a scam?) to really wanting to make this a regular thing for me.

Max (Germany)

Accountable helped me to stop talking and thinking about making a movie,

but actually make one. I'm really thankful for this experience.

Nathalie helped me to believe in myself and push through. I made a

movie, which feels great. Whenever i will feel the need to motivate

myself in the future i can watch it, remember the emotions i've had

making it and can say to myself i done it once, i can do it again!

Kasia (Australia)

I stumbled across Accountable during my usual online wanderings and I joined the program within 10 minutes. Directing has been my lifelong dream, I just never knew how to go about starting to do it. The premise was very simple and I loved that, it's so easy to get stuck in your head
overcomplicating things for yourself. So you get a few guidelines and you come up with a story, film it using whatever and whoever is available to you, edit it and deliver within a few weeks = NOT THAT HARD. To help you actually do it, you pay a fee to give yourself a little kick up the arse. But dear Lord is it worth it! You can tell yourself a million times that you will be accountable to yourself, or your Mum, or whatever God you believe in. But the simple reality of being a part of a group where you each must deliver, where real people -
fellow creatives, even though you may never have met them, hold you accountable - that's just the kind of pressure some of us need to get started, get through the middle bit, and complete a project, however small, with a big bang!  It feels amazing, liberating, the results may not be award worthy, but whatever! You've done it, and completing a good ole challenge is usually enough for most of us to free ourselves from feeling like our life is slipping through our fingers. Thank you Nathalie, you're a legend, you got me unstuck and it was heaps of fun! 

Sofia (Denmark)

I wanted to join Accountable because I felt it would give my creativity the challenge and boost that I needed. It felt like a long time since I had made something for the pure sake of filmmaking practice. The program delivered even more than I expected. The creative restrictions and time limit forced me to think as simply as possible about my process, the kinds of stories I like to tell, and what support and tools I had access to. It also really helped me face my fear of making mistakes. Accountable is a low stakes, high reward kind of deal. All the feedback you get is intended to help you grow as an artist. Plus the process of reflecting constructively on other people's work is super inspiring. Ultimately it was a great morale boost for me to get in touch with my filmmaking instincts again. Highly recommended!


To join ACCOUNTABLE you need to invest 100€.


That's right. The program costs 100€. And here is why:

100€ is high enough to keep you accountable and make you hesitate twice if you’re tempted to give up, but it won’t ruin you. 

If investing 100€ will ruin you, please act responsibly and don't join. Eat first. 

The amount of money you’re putting into this project is you saying to yourself: 


Accountable is a program where I communicate directly with each participant.

It is a program that works. If you commit about making a film and follow the process, you will have finished a film by September 27 2019. 


You will be redirected to a success page. There you will find out what are the next steps until September 3rd.

If you aren't redirected or if you have any question, you can email me directly at accountable@mentorless.com



My name is Nathalie Sejean. I am an Audio & Visual Storyteller, which means I MAKE stories every day. I write screenplays, I draw, I direct films, I edit videos, I create graphic novels, I have a podcast, I write lyrics for bands...

But not only that.

I also have a blog for storytellers and filmmakers where I have published over 800 articles so far, and I send a newsletter to over 10,000 people each Sunday. 

But not only that.

I also offer programs for creatives to ACT because that's my thing.

When I don't create, I empower people to get out of their funk and act upon their creative desire.

I do it because I believe the world will be a better place when each one of us will be connected to their unique creative voice and able to share it back with the world. 

My thing is to empower people activating their creativity through practical actions.

I've been living a creative life for the last decade. (Meaning as a career and lifestyle) After the first three years, I went through a burnout and came back healed and determined to never hurt my creativity again, do whatever it takes to nurture it, and help as many people as possible to connect with their own creative voice and USE it. 

I will not help you get rich. Or if I do, it will only be because I supported you while you were creating something that resonated with many. Money is not the goal here. 

But I can help you feel alive expressing who you are now through your creativityThat makes for a rich life and that, to me is, all that matters. If it matters to you too, then I would love nothing more than to support your creative journey through Accountable. I hope I'll see you on the other side!

With Creative Love,