Make a short film in 25 days following a set of creative constraints.

Give feedback to four filmmakers about their short and receive feedback from four filmmakers about your short.


ACCOUNTABLE is an online creative program that offers you to make a short film in 25 days using creative constraints. In the process, you will receive feedback from 4 other filmmakers about your short, and you will give feedback to 4 filmmakers about their short.  

ACCOUNTABLE  is for you IF you're tired of NOT-MAKING,if you’re finding yourself spending way too much time reading about how to write a screenplay and how to make films, watching video essays and making-of, dreaming about how cool it will be when you’ll get the right idea to make the right film but not making any film.

It's also for you if you want to push yourself and get out of a creative rut, feel the excitement of taking a creative risk, or use your creative muscle to make a short film.

If you fall into any of these categories, then you're at the right place. 

When you’re BLOCKED, either because you’re paralyzed by fear, lack of inspiration, or because you’ve lost the habit of making, there are three ways to get you unstuck


ACCOUNTABLE give you all three.


To be clear, this is NOT a filmmaking class. 

Accountable is an online creative program. Everything is done via the Internet and through emails. You don't need to be in any specific city. 

To make your short film during Accountable, you will use the knowledge you already have in your brain, the people that are around you in your town, and the equipment and locations you can get. If all you can get is an iPhone, write your story accordingly. 

If you have zero notions of writing, shooting, or editing, be aware that you will need more time to do everything. Schedule accordingly. 

If the Internet and technologies overwhelm you, ACCOUNTABLE is not the right project for you.

ACCOUNTABLE is about you creating within your means not learning more theory. You need to know at least how to compress a file into mp4 and send it via wetransfer. 

To participate in ACCOUNTABLE  you don’t need crazy equipment. But you need to know what you have, what you can do with it, and be willing to play with those constraints instead of wishing you had more or different. 

When you'll sit to write a story, write a story that will maximize what you have today. Given the time constraint, it’s better to play small and efficient than extravagant and unfocused


The GOAL is to 

  •  PLAY

Again, this is for you if you want to MAKE A SHORT, to STOP PROCRASTINATING and you need ACCOUNTABILITY.


STEP 1: join the program.

The cost is 100€. 

Why 100€? Because it’s high enough to keep you accountable and hopefully make you hesitate twice if you’re tempted to give up, but it won’t ruin you. The amount of money you’re putting into this project is a way to tell yourself: THIS IS FOR REAL. I JUST GAVE 100 EUROS TO MAKE A FILM. I AM GONNA MAKE A FILM.  

Friendly tip: consider splitting the fee by teaming up with your friends to make the short. That will cost you less and will keep you even more accountable because now you will no longer be alone and it will be twice as hard to let others down. Win-Win.

Enrollment is currently closed. Subscribe to receive an alert when the next session will open. 

STEP 2: receive your creative constraints

On the first day, you will receive an email with a set of creative constraints to integrate when writing and shooting your short film. 

The creative constraints and guidelines are the same for everybody except for one element that will change for each participant.

The reason why I give you those constraints is that it’s way easier to create within limits that with infinite possibilities. It will save you time and it will give you a canvas to play on. 


STEP 3: make your short film

You’ll then have 25 days to send me your film. I’m giving you 25 days and 3 full weekends because most people only have nights and weekends to create. You can break down your time to write, shoot, and edit within those three weeks. 

During those three weeks, I'll email you tips, advice and tools to support your creative journey. You will be able to contact me anytime and ask questions. But you will not be in touch with other participants. Because the program is anonymous, you will fully focus on your creative journey.


STEP 4: send and receive feedback

After 25 days your short will be done and sent. 

During the following week, you will receive 4 short films to watch and write a constructive feedback about from four other participants.  

After a little over 3 weeks, you’ll have made a short film and receive 4 feedback from other filmmakers to help you think about your work and the creative experience you’ve been through in a different light. 


The whole process is ANONYMOUS.

Not having to worry about your "reputation" will allow you to focus on your creativity.

ACCOUNTABLE is a creative challenge, not a finished product. The short you will make will more likely become a good idea to revisit and explore later than a masterpiece to send to Sundance. That's normal. We play here. And believe me, playing will help your career if that's what you're after.

Staying anonymous will take away the pressure of having to make a masterpiece and will allow you to focus on learning about yourself, what you can do, what you want to do, what you don’t like to do.

It’s an opportunity to take a creative risk and share it with a small audience of FOUR people who have been through the same process and want to help you grow.

In the same instance, the feedback you will write to FOUR fellow participants and the feedback you will receive from FOUR participants will be anonymous.

That doesn't mean you can be mean and inconsiderate. I will be everybody's point of contact which means I will block any trolling attempt.

ACCOUNTABLE is an opportunity to learn how to take and give feedback, one of the most important skills you can master as a creative. When the time comes, all participant will receive a guideline to make sure everybody writes and receives a constructive feedback.

And of course, if you want to upload your short film on your YT channel, or share it on your socials, you’re more than welcome to do it. But within ACCOUNTABLE, your name won't appear.

You will be part of a cluster of 5 ANONYMOUS FILMMAKERS. You will see four films, and receive feedback from 4 filmmakers. Although you won't talk directly to other participants, you will feel their presence. Knowing they are going through the same process than you and will ultimately watch your work will help you to push through obstacles. 


Jonathan (Canada)

All you have to do is jump- ACCOUNTABLE changed everything for me, from someone who had a dozen notes of "films I'll start writing tomorrow" to ACTUALLY picking up a camera and doing it. 3 weeks later I have both a short film under my belt and more motivation than I've ever had to make another. This program was exactly the push I needed; thank you so very very much.

Laura (U.S.A.)

If you're stuck on the edge of the filmmaking diving board and not sure how to jump in - this program will be outstanding for you. Not only do you get the motivation starting out, Nathalie acts as lifeguard and coach along the way to keep you going. I highly recommend this experience.

Julian (U.S.A.)

An excellent program, with just the right amount of pressure and encouragement. Mentorless is my go-to home-on-the-web for inspiration on film-making; kudos to Nathalie for initiating the Accountable program!

Valentina (Colombia)

Since it was my first short, it became also a very personal challenge to get something done and break through that idea that you need a lot to make a short that I feel sometimes holds new filmmakers back. Overall, it was a great experience that I feel has helped me grow and push myself as a creator. I definitely recommend it!!



  • you commit to playing along and use the creative constraints I sent you.

  • you commit to hitting the deadline and send a short by September 3rd, whatever it takes.

  • you commit to writing short and constructive feedback about the 4 other short films made by participants in your cluster. 

After reading all this, if you’re excited, if you feel now is the time and you’re sick and tired of waiting to have enough time, budget, knowledge or courage to jump and make a short film:


As soon as YOU JOIN, you will be asked to answer a short form to know where I should be emailing you. 

On August 8, you will receive YOUR SET OF CREATIVE CONSTRAINTS.

Any question? Contact me at accountable@mentorless.com

See you on the other side.



Where is this program taking place? Do I need to live or go to a specific city/country to attend it?

This is an online program, where you are is where you need to be! You will receive all the instructions and information by email, and then off you go wherever you want to shoot your film! Part of the challenge and the fun when you join Accountable is that you need to make a film with what you have access to.

Will I be able to talk to other participants, share my work in progress and see their work?

Accountable is anonymous. It's a program that is about you making a film in your world. You can always reach out Nathalie during the program to ask questions or share doubts, but you won't be in touch with other participants. Previous participants have mentioned that knowing it was anonymous helped them take risks and let go of the fear of being judged. While it is true that connecting with peers going through the same journey feels attractive, the truth is it takes precious time during a process where time is your biggest asset. Accountable differs from any other programs in that it is focusing on your journey with yourself. 

Do I have to make a fiction?

No! Previous participants have made documentaries and you can also decide to make an animation! It's all about you deciding what you want to dig deeper and what you can do based on the creative constraints you will receive.

I have never done a short film before, shouldn't I take a filmmaking class before?

You sure can. But you don't have to. As you can see from the testimonials above, at least 2 participants completed their very first short when joining Accountable. It helped them realized they could do it and what they needed to focus on for the next one. Because once you start, you know there will always be a next one :)

I just completed a short film, can I submit it?

No. Accountable is not a film festival or a contest. It's an online creative program within which you make a short film. If you have completed a short film, congratulations! I suggest you look at the list of film festivals available and see if your film would fit their programming line.